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Bot responses

See all the available bot responses together with extensive case studies to understand how to use them. Also, check the compatibility table to know which responses are designed for which integrations.

What are bot responses

Combine many various responses to give your bot a personality.

Bot Responses and Integrations - Compatibility table

View the compatibility table to know which bot responses and actions are supported by your favorite integrations.

Button settings

Add dynamic button types and actions to responses to make your bot more functional.

Add Emoji to Your Chat

Add emojis to bot responses to make your bot more expressive.


Text responses give you a lot of flexibility. Check out how to use them.


Enhance your chat by adding image responses.


Transfer the chat to your customer support team when your bot can’t handle it.


Let your products or offers shine with card response.


With carousel you can show your products and add an extra action to them.

Button Response

Use buttons when you want to create a clickable response or build a menu for your story.

Quick Replies

Quick replies can determine the next step of the chat by suggesting the possible answers.

Go To

Use the go to response to add smart shortcuts to your story.


Use the reset action to clear contexts and attributes in ongoing chats.

Ask question

A powerful bot action that validates user responses and collects leads.


Avoid random bot responses by blocking unwanted interactions.

Set Attributes

Assign values to attributes and remove existing ones during the ongoing chat.


Use transcript action to receive emails when ongoing chats reach certain goals.

Close Chat

When the chat meets its purpose, bid your client goodbye exactly as you would do in face to face situation.

Create Ticket

Stay in touch with your customers even when the chat is finished.

Tag for LiveChat

Let the bot tag ongoing chats and stay organized.

Goal for LiveChat

Use LiveChat goals in your chatbot scenarios and know your bot's performance.

Close Chat for Chat Widget

Close chats to end sessions and keep user data safe.

Add to segment

Automate adding users to segments by using a dedicated action.

Remove from segment

Automate the process of grouping and organizing leads using the remove from segments action in your bot’s interactions.

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