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Scale your support services and collect HelpDesk tickets by using a chatbot.

ChatBot and HelpDesk integration ChatBot and HelpDesk integration

What is HelpDesk?

HelpDesk is a simple ticketing system that lets you turn support emails into manageable tickets, and store them in one place. The tool can help you better organize work within your team and optimize response times.

Connect HelpDesk with ChatBot

Break monotony, boost efficiency

Answering monotonous questions takes time.
ChatBot will answer them all for your team. It can help customers raise a HelpDesk ticket when the human touch is needed too.

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Reduce repeatable tasks

With ChatBot, your team no longer needs to spend time solving common problems. They can fully focus on more fulfilling tasks while your chatbot handles the routine ones.

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Answer questions 24/7

In the remote-first world, fast customer service is key to building great customer relationships. ChatBot lets you support customers in real time and around the clock to meet rising customer expectations.

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Collect tickets with a chatbot

If the chatbot can’t resolve the problem right away, it can create a HelpDesk ticket out of chat so it can be handled by a human agent.

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Guide customers on your website

Customers don’t always know where to find specific information. The chatbot can swiftly point them in the right direction so they can get what they need faster.

Automate repetitive tasks with ChatBot

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Customer support automation made easy

From building your first chatbot to launching it on your website — ChatBot’s got you covered.


Build without coding

Break the code barrier with ChatBot Visual Builder. Drag and drop the components you need and turn your idea into a working chatbot.

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ChatBot Visual Builder


Customize the look and feel of the ChatBot Widget to reflect your brand identity. Make it attractive to users and consistent with your website style.

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Adding ChatBot to your website takes a couple of clicks. It doesn’t require you to have technical knowledge either.

Follow installation steps
ChatBot HelpDesk integration configuration

Short of time? Use templates

Head over to our library of reusable chatbot templates. Select the Story that fits your business needs and edit it freely to launch your perfect chatbot faster.

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Create your chatbot without coding

Free 14-day trial No credit card required