ChatBot for LiveChat

Fuse AI scalability and the human approach into your customer service.

Connect with customers.

Anywhere. Anytime.

LiveChat is a powerful customer service platform that lets you chat with your customers in real time. Deliver high-quality customer service and boost online sales.

Make your customer service smarter

Combine human expertise and AI efficiency for powerful customer service. Your chatbot will deliver a dynamic and personalized experience that your customers will love.

Welcome chatbot

Greet your customers and automatically filter spammy messages.

Welcome chat bot for LiveChat integration

After hours chatbot

Answer questions 24/7. Let your chatbot do the work when you’re offline.

After hours chat bot for LiveChat integration

FAQ chatbot

Automate repetitive queries with a chatbot and let your customers self-serve.

FAQ chat bot for LiveChat integration

Lead generation chatbot

Capture more leads. Collect, segment, and qualify them automatically.

Lead generation chat bot for LiveChat integration

Appointment chatbot

Automate your appointment scheduling and reservation booking.

Appointment chat bot for LiveChat integration

Connect ChatBot with LiveChat in just a few clicks

Chatbots feel at home in LiveChat

ChatBot and LiveChat work together to support smooth and effortless communication between customers, chatbots, and agents.

ChatBot and LiveChat - tag your chats with a chat bot icon


ChatBot tags and categorizes all chats in the archives to help you organize conversations.

ChatBot and LiveChat - create a ticket icon

Create a Ticket

When the case is complex and agents are unavailable, the chatbot lets customers create tickets directly in the LiveChat window.

ChatBot and LiveChat - transcript icon


ChatBot automatically sends chat transcripts to designated email addresses, giving you the opportunity to follow conversations right from your inbox.

ChatBot and LiveChat transfer icon


When the human touch is required, ChatBot will seamlessly assign the issue to a live agent.

ChatBot and LiveChat - close a chat with a chat bot

Close a chat

When a customer gets the information they came for, ChatBot ends the conversation in a natural way.

ChatBot and LiveChat - goals icon


Keep track of customer purchases and sign-ups to measure how well your chatbots perform.

Rich interactive messages

Create engaging conversational experiences using rich messages. Mix in attention-grabbing visual elements to show off your products and increase engagement.


Compose dynamic cards and carousels using text, images, buttons, and actions.

Chat bot rich messages for LiveChat integration - carousel


Let users open URLs, navigate the conversation, dial numbers, and more with buttons.

Chat bot rich messages for LiveChat integration - buttons

Quick replies

Add quick reply buttons to your ChatBot scenarios to show suggestions to your customers.

Chat bot rich messages for LiveChat integration - quick replies
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More than just chatbots

ChatBot is a powerful platform that opens up a new range of business opportunities.

Support chat bot icon


ChatBot will take care of the boring and repetitive cases around the clock so you have more time to provide sterling customer service.

Sales chat bot icon


Make buying easier. ChatBot will suggest products and allow customers to add items to their cart and track packages after ordering – all within the chat window.

Boos engagement with chat bot icon


Create absorbing conversational experiences. Combine visual elements and ChatBot Actions to improve engagement and the flow of Stories.

Chat bot for marketing icon


Generate leads, gather customer feedback, promote your best offers, and create unforgettable experiences with your brand.


Choose from a set of ready-to-use chatbot templates designed by our experts. Create and customize chatbots in minutes.


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