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Kacper Wiacek
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updated: Jan 9, 2024

Moments allows you to open any web application inside the ongoing chat.

Nowadays, visitors don’t want to jump between different websites to finish the ordering or booking. Thanks to the Moments feature, you can let your customers continue the process without leaving the chat window.

How it worksLink icon

  1. The visitor receives a message from the bot.

  2. The visitor clicks the Button configured as a webview.

  3. Moment is opened up, and the web application is loaded.

  4. The customer performs activities in the web application.

  5. Moment can be closed either by the web application (by triggering the SDK method) or manually by the user.

From a developer’s point of view, a Moment is an embedded website in an iFrame that is shown during a chat.

You can specify the height of the Moment window by setting the height property. Available values are:

  • full - 100% of the widget size

  • tall - 75% of the widget size

  • compact - 50% of the widget size

Use CasesLink icon

Moments lets you open any web application in the conversation. However, you shouldn’t use this for opening complex web applications or websites. This is an action dedicated to particular tasks which are useful in your chat.

Imagine that you’ve added a chatbot to your shoe store. With Moments you can collect user preferences like size and color and show the products tailored to their needs. You can also allow the customer to open their cart page inside of a Moment, and finish the ordering there.

Examples:Link icon

  • Schedule meeting - display an interactive calendar for scheduling a meeting.

  • Shopping cart - gives customers an option to manage the shopping cart and make a deal without leaving the chat window.

  • Reservation system - automate your sales with a chatbot by connecting your reservation system.

  • Authorization - authorize your user and show specific data that shouldn’t be visible for public use.

  • Articles view - share the knowledge without leaving the chat window. You can open your Knowledge Base or help article without opening a new tab.

Supported integrationsLink icon

Moments in LiveChatLink icon

Moments in LiveChat can be triggered only by clicking the button. You can use the same SDK, which is supported by our chat widget.

Moments in Facebook MessengerLink icon

Moments are also supported in our Facebook integration. However, to handle communication between an open web view and Messenger, you must use the SDK provided by Facebook.

Moments SDKLink icon

Moment SDK is a communication layer between your opened web view and the chat widget. Thanks to that, you can manage your webview from your application side. Click here for further information.

ExamplesLink icon

Date PickerLink icon

An app written in Vue.js allows a customer to pick a date from the date picker. It sends a chosen option back to a chat.

The source code is available on GitHub, preview is deployed here. You can use the preview link to implement the date picker in your bot.

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