The list of Attributes

Dariusz Zabrzeński
1 min read
updated: Dec 10, 2019

Check out all the available attributes. Attributes work only with the integrations.

Available attributes

Parameter Description
default_name name and surname or user’s login
user_email User email.
default_avatar link to user’s avatar
userid A unique ID assigned by the system or obtained from external systems, e.g. integrations.
default_url source from where the conversation has started, e.g. FB fan page
default_language configured user’s language
default_timezone user’s timezone
default_gender user’s gender
default_id user’s identificator
default_ip user’s ip.
default_city user’s city.
default_country User country.
default_language User language .
default_timezone Current timezone of the user.
default_referrer user’s referrer.
default_real_name user’s full name.
default_email user’s email.
default_source Integration used in the conversation.
lastSeen Day and time of the most recent conversation.
createdAt Day and time the first conversation occurred.
banned Information if the user is banned or not. This attribute can be either true or false.
segment Segments that the users belongs to.
attribute A custom attribute.

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