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Get access to past chats between your bots and users.

LiveChat Accounts: a new way to log in to ChatBot

The migration of all ChatBot accounts to LiveChat Accounts itโ€™s the first step to allow our users to log in to all of our products from one space without the need to switch.

ChatBot dashboard

Learn how to use the main elements of your dashboard.

Meet the ChatBot platform

Learn the basics of ChatBot.


Discover what elements you can use to create a Chatbot.

Supported languages

Check if ChatBot supports your language.

Create your ChatBot account

Discover how to set up your account.

Testing tool

Test out your chatbot scenario before publishing it.

Debug Mode

Enable Debug mode to see what is happening in the ongoing chat while you test the bot.

What is ChatBot Designer Course

Video explanation on how to build chatbots manually with no coding.


Learn how to extract specific information from chats.



Learn what context in ChatBot is and why itโ€™s important.

How to map user Intents

Learn how to plan your bot.

Duplicate your chatbot

Duplicate your chatbots and build new ones upon them.

Learn about Chatbots

See how to create bots in ChatBot.


Customer Service Bot

Answer popular customer questions 24/7.

Restaurant Bot

Support your restaurant communication with a customizable chatbot template.

Discount Bot

Promote your holiday season discounts on your website and Facebook page.

University Bot

Automate your communication and admission process.

How to import a template

Discover how you can import a template to customize your bot.

What are templates

Launch your chatbot faster using task-oriented, ready-to-go bot flows.

Lead Generation Bot

Generate new leads and qualify them automatically.

Artificial intelligence

ChatBot AI Assist Guidelines

Frequently asked questions about the automatic way of creating chatbots.

Matching systems

Discover available matching systems in ChatBot.


Trigger chatbot replies on specific keywords.

What is AI Knowledge

Learn how ChatBot AI Knowledge works, and how to use it to improve your chatbots.

Machine Learning

Learn how the chatbot analyzes user input.

What is ChatBot AI Assist

Learn how ChatBot AI Assist works, and how to use it to improve your chatbots.

Matching system examples

Learn the differences between ChatBot matching systems.

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