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Install ChatBot

Install ChatBot using Chat Widget

Learn how to add a chatbot to your website.

Install ChatBot with Google Tag Manager

Add ChatBot to your website using GTM.

Chat Widget

Chat Widget customization

Customize the appearance of your chatbot.

Enable JavaScript in your browser

Use ChatBot, an AI-powered software to launch chatbots and enhance your customer experience.

ChatBot Greetings

Set up Greetings to make sure the bot gathered your user's attention.

Sample page

Test your chatbot on a testing page before you add it to your website.

Configure Chat Widget

Learn how to use Chat Widget.


Add ChatBot to Slack

Automate your daily tasks.

How to Add ChatBot to a Squarespace Website

You can add a chatbot to your Squarespace website without coding using the chat widget.

Connect ChatBot to Freshdesk

Collect support tickets and customer details by using a chatbot.

How to Add ChatBot to Webflow

Sell on Webflow using an AI chatbot.

Connect ChatBot to Make

Send data from ChatBot to external tools and services automatically.

How to integrate ChatBot with Messenger

Connect with your Facebook fans.

Connect ChatBot with Facebook Ads

Integrate ChatBot with Facebook ads to boost your conversion rates.

Integrate ChatBot with HelpDesk

Create tickets in ChatBot and receive them in the HelpDesk app.

Connect ChatBot with Gmail

Connect your bot with Gmail using Zapier to send all the attributes collected during the chat to your inbox.

Integrate ChatBot with WordPress

Open a new communication channel for your WordPress customers.

Connect ChatBot with Google Analytics (gtag - Universal Analytics)

Track your ChatBot events in the Google Analytics reports.

Integrate ChatBot with Zendesk

Let the customer create a Zendesk ticket while conversing with your chatbot.

Connect ChatBot with Google Sheets

Connect your bot with the Google Sheets app using Zapier to see all the attributes collected during the chat.

Use Zapier to connect ChatBot with more tools

Automate your daily workflows.

Connect ChatBot with KnowledgeBase app

In this article, you will learn how to create a KnowledgeBase and ChatBot webhook and add it to the story.

What are integrations

Discover how you can adjust the bot to match your needs even more. See which products can be integrated with the bot and how.

LiveChat integration

Create a LiveChat ticket

Let the user create a LiveChat ticket while chatting.

Send transcript for LiveChat

Send a chat transcript to your email when the goal of a conversation is reached.

Goal for LiveChat

Check the performance of your chatbot.

Tag for LiveChat

Categorize and organize your chats with tags.

How does the bot work with LiveChat Campaigns

Deliver a better user experience to boost engagement with LiveChat Campaigns.

The ChatBot and LiveChat integration

Automate your LiveChat communication.

LiveChat FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the LiveChat and ChatBot integration.

Transfer chat for LiveChat

Transfer a chat to a LiveChat agent when needed.

LiveChat installation guidelines

Learn how to integrate ChatBot and LiveChat.

You’ve added ChatBot to LiveChat. What’s next?

Make the most of the LiveChat integration.

Shopify integration

How to integrate ChatBot with Shopify

Connect ChatBot with your Shopify store and start selling through automated chats.

Show products

Display your Shopify offerings as interactive product cards in the chat.

Product availability

Let customers search for products by using a chatbot.

Show Shopify order status

Let customers track their Shopify orders by using a chatbot.

Shopify flows

Use prebuilt chatbot flows to build your Shopify chatbot faster.

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