Chat Widget for ChatBot

Customize chat interactions for web and mobile. Provide contextual support in an automated and efficient way.

Chat Widget for ChatBot Chat Widget for ChatBot

Connect with your website visitors

Chat Widget is a ready-to-use chat window you can quickly customize and add to your website.

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Boost engagement with an AI chatbot

Engage with visitors and never miss a chance to interact with your potential clients.

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Support visitors around the clock

Provide instant and relevant answers, even outside of working hours.

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Get more leads and increase sales

Acquire more customers using conversational forms and sell your products directly from the Chat Widget.

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Add Chat Widget to your website and engage with more customers

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Make it yours

Adjust the chat window design to fit your brand and style. Impress users with a unique experience.

Welcome screen

Say "Hi" and get the conversation started in a creative way.

Chat widget  welcome screen

One-click management

Show and hide Chat Widget with a single click.

Chat widget easy management

Custom greetings

Use a beautiful greeting to encourage visitors to start chatting.

Chat widget custom greeting

Personalized look

Choose the color, theme, and avatar to match your brand’s look.

Personalize look of your chat widget

Button type & position

Make Chat Widget fit with your site’s design.

Customizable chat widget button

Copy-and-paste installation

Add Chat Widget to your website with just a couple of clicks.

Chat widget with easy installation

Create an engaging conversational experience

Chat Widget supports all available ChatBot response formats. Mix and match text and images with interactive elements.


Visuals add fun and bring life to conversations.

Image response


Typeless experience equals swift navigation and increased user engagement.

Button response

Card & Carousel

The best way to get customer attention and showcase your offer.

Card and Carousel response

Quick replies

Suggestions that encourage the customer to take action.

Quick replies response

Ready to use templates

Launch your first bot on your website in minutes using industry-oriented bot templates designed by professionals.

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