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The fastest way to create AI chatbots on your own terms and without coding.

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A better way

of building chatbots

Comfortably design chatbots using a smooth, drag-and-drop chatbot builder. Look at even the most complex Stories on a single screen, and get full control over the building process.

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All you need to automate your customer communication

Combine dynamic bot responses with powerful features. Create engaging chatbot Stories that get the job done.

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Personalize your communication

Gather customer data using Attributes to customize chatbot conversations.

Chat bot builder attributes

Design more natural conversations

Apply Filters to match bot replies within the context of the conversation.

Chat bot filters

Collect user information automatically

Use Questions to collect and validate customer information while chatting.

The question action in chat bot

Create custom user lists

Organize users into different Segments. Reuse collected contacts in your marketing activities.

The segments action in chat bot

Keep conversations going smoothly

When needed, redirect users to different parts of your Story using the Go to step action.

The go to step action in chat bot

Clear up misunderstandings

Use Fallback to get your conversations back on track when miscommunication happens.

The fallback action in chat bot

Try out multiple flows at the same time

Split users into different flows using AB tests. Quickly verify which of them performs the best.

The AB test action in chat bot

Turn off the lights whenever you want

Switch between light and dark modes with a single click. Minimize your eye strain or simply enjoy your preferred version.

Chat bot builder light mode

Easily test before you launch

Test your Story within the ChatBot’s web app using the built-in Testing Tool. Check whether your chatbot works as intended before it connects with customers.

Chat bot testing tool

Watch your business grow with ChatBot

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Integrate with tools you rely on

Chat bot integrations - zapier


Connect ChatBot with your favorite apps to automate tedious tasks.

Connect to over 1500 apps
Chat bot integrations - webhooks


Automatically exchange information between ChatBot and web services.

Move data anywhere you need
Chat bot integrations - live chat


Integrate ChatBot with LiveChat to balance AI efficiency with a human approach.

Add LiveChat to ChatBot

Cooperate with your team in real time

Add your team members to your ChatBot account with a few clicks. Share your diverse experiences to design perfect chatbot Stories.

Chat bot cooperation feature

Get a head start with chatbot templates

Save your time using ready-to-use templates. Reuse them as they are or develop new Stories much quicker.

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Our users say it best

ChatBot testimonial - Anna Gregorczyk

As a person with no experience with creating chatbots, I can verify how intuitive this chatbot solution is. What I loved about ChatBot is that it’s easy to use and there are many options to choose from.It allows for a real interaction between a customer and a created chatbot.

Anna Gregorczyk

UX Writer

ChatBot testimonial - Joshua Alhat

The new Visual ChatBot Builder just hits the bullseye for me with the required features and experience I wanted. It has some great, intuitive features and an amazing user experience which makes it really easy for me to build and deploy my bot without having a lot of technical knowledge. The icing on the cake is the dark mode (quite hip I must say!).

Joshua Alhat

Chatbot designer

ChatBot testimonial - Nathaniel Walker

ChatBot’s Visual Builder is intuitive and excellent for people with no coding experience. I also appreciate the ChatBot team’s assistance with getting started and understanding the expanding capabilities of chatbots. I'm already developing multiple bots for clerical use as well as working directly with students.

Nathaniel Walker


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Build AI chatbots using a no-code chatbot builder

Free 14-day trial No credit card required No coding skills needed

Build AI chat bot using a no-code chat bot builder