ChatBot for Facebook Messenger

Get access to over 1.3 billion Facebook users.

ChatBot one-click integration with Facebook Messenger ChatBot one-click integration with Facebook Messenger

What can your Messenger chatbot do

Connect ChatBot with your Facebook fanpage to make it easier for followers and potential customers to reach you.

Increase sales

Add another channel to your sales funnel for more conversions.

Increase sales with ChatBot - conversation

Boost engagement

Handle more conversations with AI-powered chatbots.

Boost engagement with ChatBot - conversation

Support customers 24/7/365

Meet customer expectations with quick responses.

Support customers with ChatBot - conversation
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Easy integration

Quickly launch your chatbots on Facebook fan pages – no Facebook application needed.

Connect ChatBot with Facebook Messenger

Personalized experience

Create personalized responses with ChatBot. The Messenger integration automatically saves attributes such as avatar, name, and URL. Directly use attributes in your response or pass them to your database.

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Customizable welcome messages

Greet visitors with a personalized welcome message – displayed in the Messenger chat window for those interacting with your chatbot for the first time.

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Rich Messages for Facebook Messenger

Improve user experience with rich messages featuring intuitive navigation and interactive chat responses.


Visuals add fun and bring life to conversations.

Image response for Facebook Messenger

Card & Carousel

The best way to get customer attention and showcase your offer.

Card and Carousel response for Facebook Messenger


Typeless experience equals swift navigation and increased user engagement.

Buttons response for Facebook Messenger

Quick replies

Suggestions that encourage the customer to take action.

Quick replies response for Facebook Messenger
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Launch your first Messenger chatbot in minutes. Customize the Story, so it's suited to your needs.


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