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Guidelines on how to create a powerful chatbot Story.

Build your chatbot

How to build your chatbot from scratch

Build your chatbot and answer user queries automatically.

How to make your chatbot multilingual

Add multiple languages to your chatbot

How to build your first AI chatbot

Train your chatbot automatically and answer user queries with the help of our in-house AI model.

Version history

Keep track of all the changes you’ve made to your bot and update the version available for your clients.

Bot responses

Add emojis to your chats

Add some fun to your Stories.


Add specific values to your buttons.


Help the user achieve their goal faster.

Quick reply

Suggest possible answers to the user.

Button settings

Customize your buttons and define the behavior of your chatbot.

Random text

Create several messages and display them randomly to users.


Control how fast your chatbot should respond.

Text message

Use plain text and emojis to create the chatbot’s replies.


Show off your products using colorful cards.

What are Bot responses

Learn about the different types of replies your chatbot can send.


Engage users with colorful pictures.


Attachment input

Let the user attach files in an ongoing conversation.

Trigger from anywhere

Allow the user to trigger specific interactions from any part of the Story.


Decide what your chatbot should do when it doesn't understand the user.

User input

Map out what type of messages the user might send to your chatbot.


Visually organize even the most complex chatbot scenario.

User Input dependencies

Understand the dependencies between the different types of user input.

Start point

Learn how to start your Story.


A/B Test action

Test up to five different chatbot flows at the same time.

Delete from segment

Remove users from a selected segment.

Add to segment

Organize user contacts into segments and export them to web services.


Personalize your chatbot communication.


Block previously matched interactions so that the user can’t trigger them again.

Go to step action

Redirect users to a specific interaction when needed.

Close chat

Close the chat when the conversation between the user and the bot is finished.

Question action

Gather the user's information in one step.

Context FAQ

Provide your customers with answers to common questions about your products and services using the FAQ action.

Set attribute

The Set attribute action lets you save information about your users.


How to use attributes

Learn how to add and use attributes in your conversations.

Use attributes with integrations

Reuse collected information to personalize your chats.

The list of attributes

See the list of default attributes.

What are attributes

Assign information to users or ongoing chats and pass them to web services.

System entities

Add System Entities to your chatbot

Learn how and when to use System Entities.

The list of system entities

Find out what system entities are available in ChatBot.

Email entity

Collect customer emails and pass them to your database.

URL entity

Use a chatbot to capture URLs and pass them to external systems.

Integer number entity

Help your chatbot recognize integer numbers.

What are system entities

Extract valuable information from chats.

Number entity

Collect positive and negative numbers, decimals, and quintillions with a chatbot.

Yes - no entity

Automatically collect and save yes and no responses.

Phone number entity

Collect customer phone numbers with a chatbot.

Yes and no entities

Recognize yes and no answers without creating endless User says lists.

Temperature entity

Use a chatbot to set up the temperature of your electronic devices.

User entities

Create a new entity

Learn how to add a custom entity.

What are user entities

Extract specific information from chats.

How to use user entities

Learn how to extract information from chats using user entities.


Configure Moments in your dashboard

Check how to set up Moments.

How to start with Moments

Moments use cases and supported integrations.

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