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Agnieszka Dudziak
Agnieszka Dudziak
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updated: Jan 10, 2024

Attributes allow you to assign information to users or ongoing chats and pass them to web services. They help you personalize chats.

Quick overviewLink icon

  • There are two types of attributes: user attributes defined and ready-to-use default attributes.

  • User attributes are related to user entities and system entities.

  • You can assign custom attributes at any step of the conversation tree using the Set attribute action.

  • Use the Question action to validate user input and collect attributes.

  • You can use a maximum of 99 attributes in one interaction.

Using attributes in bot responsesLink icon

Attributes can be added to all bot responses, including titles and buttons. To select the attribute, click on the curly brackets symbol {...}. Now, you should see the following window:

Types of attributesLink icon

Default attributes automatically collect information regarding users, such as Name, Email, Avatar, Language, Integration, or Source of a chat. Default attributes can be used only for bot responses.

User attributes are predefined by users. They can be captured with entities or set manually with the Set attribute action.

Attributes sectionLink icon

How to navigate to the Attributes section?

  1. Go to the chatbot view in your dashboard and choose the Settings icon.

  2. Click { } Attributes to open the Attributes section.

  3. Attributes can now be set to be saved in the user’s data, so when a new chat starts, the attributes will be remembered.

  4. If you need to collect user data that isn’t listed, you can create a custom attribute by clicking  + Add new.

  5. You can see in Archives that the attributes are assigned to the user.

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