How to integrate ChatBot with Shopify

Daria Zabój
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

Add a chatbot to your Shopify store using our out-of-the-box integration. Improve how shoppers experience your online store with chatbot conversations and supercharge your online sales.

The ChatBot integration for Shopify allows you to automate your customer service and enrich the user experience at the same time. Apart from all the ChatBot features we know and love, the integration provides extra actions that make ChatBot an even more effective selling channel for any Shopify business:

  • display your store offerings in the Chat Widget

  • use a chatbot to help users search for products

  • show shoppers their order status

Also, to save time, you can make use of Shopify flows while building your Shopify chatbot. These are pre-configured task-specific flows that you can add to your Story. You can use multiple flows in a Story.

How to integrate ChatBot with ShopifyLink icon

  1. Log in to your Shopify store admin panel.

  2. Go to the Apps section.

  3. Type ChatBot in the search bar and choose it from the list.

  4. Select the Add app button.

  5. Select Install app.

  6. Now, log in to your existing ChatBot account if you have one. If you’re a new user, you need to set up your account first. Then select Continue.

  7. Provide your email address and password. Then select Sign up.

  8. Now you need to configure the integration. First off, you have three options:

  • Use a pre-built Shopify template — this option lets you import the Shopify-specific scenario. Remember to customize the imported template in the Visual Builder once the integration is complete.

  • Select an existing Story — here you can choose one of the Stories you have already created. You can always edit the selected Story later in the Visual Builder.

  • Build from scratch — here you choose to create your chatbot from scratch. In this case, you need to build your Story in ChatBot’s Visual Builder once you configure the integration.

After selecting your preferred option, select Continue.

  1. Next, depending on your previous choice you can either:

  1. Provide a name for your new chatbot — when you create a new account, use a template or build a chatbot from scratch.

  2. Select one of the Stories you have already created — when you integrate an existing account.

  1. Now, in the Chatbot enabled section, you can decide whether your chatbot should be active on your Shopify store when the integration is complete.

Remember that if you turn this setting on, the chatbot will appear on your store even if your Story is not complete. So, we recommend disabling this setting if you’re creating your chatbot from scratch. This way, you can finish your Story in ChatBot’s Visual Builder first and turn it on only when it’s ready.

When you’re ready, select Continue.

  1. Your integration is up and running. Now head to the ChatBot integration dashboard in Shopify to manage your Story.

  2. The ChatBot integration dashboard in Shopify lets you:

  • edit your Story

  • manage Chat Widget settings

  • test the chatbot on a sample page

Here you can also disconnect the chatbot from your Shopify store if necessary.

Also, the dashboard provides some basic metrics you can check at a glance:

  • how many chats your chatbot has handled in the previous week

  • how many users started a chat

  • the average number of messages per single conversation

Go to ChatBot to access more advanced reports.

The last section provides useful resources that can help you get going on your chatbot-building journey.

FAQLink icon

  1. I created a new ChatBot account via Shopify. Where do I manage my subscription?

If you created a new ChatBot account via Shopify: Change your ChatBot subscription details in the Shopify panel. The subscription section in ChatBot will be blocked in that case.

  1.  I added my existing ChatBot account to Shopify. Where do I manage my ChatBot subscription now?

If you added an already existing ChatBot account to Shopify: Manage your ChatBot subscription details in the ChatBot billing section.

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