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updated: Dec 19, 2023

The greeting feature lets you display a pop-up message above your website’s minimized Chat Widget icon. You can use it to catch the user’s attention and encourage them to start chatting.

How to set up GreetingsLink icon

  1. Go to your bot. Choose the Integrations icon. Choose the Chat Widget option.

  2. Choose the Greetings section.

  3. Click on the Add greeting button.

  4. Decide how and when your greeting will be displayed. Ensure the greeting message is short and catchy to grab your website visitor’s attention.

  • Greeting title - name your greeting for identification purposes. The name wonโ€™t be visible to the customers, though.

  • Message - make it short and exciting; consider adding emojis.

  • Display greeting conditions - decide when your greeting should be shown to users. You can combine different greeting conditions.

  1. Save the Greeting.

Available Greeting conditionsLink icon

You can decide when a greeting should appear on your website based on:

  • Time on website - time (in seconds) the user has spent on your website, including all subpages.

  • Time on current page - time (in seconds) the user has spent on a specific page of your website.

  • Current page address - triggered when a customer visits a specific page on your website.

  • Any visited page address - triggered when the user visits any page that matches a specific website address.

  • Referring website address - displayed when the referrer page address equals a specific value.

  • User visited at least - triggered once the total number of pages visited by the customer equals a set condition.

  • User is a first-time visitor - triggered when the customer visits your website for the first time.

  • User returned to your website - triggered for the customerโ€™s second and every subsequent visit to your site.

  • Custom variable - displayed only when the custom variable value equals a specific value.

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