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Dariusz Zabrzenski
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

To understand what the ChatBot platform is let’s talk for a moment about what chatbots are in general and who they are designed for.

A chatbot is a technology that simulates human-like conversations in real-time. The conversation is analyzed by AI and advanced algorithms to deliver a high-quality experience and smooth communication between a human and the computer.

Modern chatbots can retrieve valuable data, and pass them to the servers to perform more complicated operations such as purchasing or data verification. That is why they’re becoming irreplaceable assistants. Chatbots accelerate the pace of repetitive actions such as answering common questions, dealing with orders, verifying customers et cetera. You can design your chatbot for e-commerce, team management, or just for fun.

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ChatBot is a natural language understanding framework that provides business management services to create AI-powered chatbots.

To create a fully operating chatbot you don’t need any other tools or apps. The conversation scenario tree and drag and drop interface are very intuitive. Quick lessons in the Academy can guide you through more complex topics such as capturing user data, using filters and training your bot. You can publish your bot in seconds using one-click integrations with popular messengers, live chat services or just use our Chat Widget.

ChatBot gives you the flexibility you need. Just create a scenario and let the bot handle it 24/7/365.

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ChatBot lets you build your first bot without any coding skills or development experience. We’ve minimized the number of steps you have to follow to create a completely powerful chatbot.

If you’re not experienced with building conversational bots, we’d recommend you to start by taking some free lessons in our Academy. Also, feel free to browse this Help Center any time you need and join our Community on Facebook. Go there to meet other bot enthusiasts, build networks and ask questions.

If you’re searching for more advanced features, go to the Developer documentation. On this page, you’ll find broad descriptions of how ChatBot works inside.

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