Lead Generation Bot

Dariusz Zabrzeński
1 min read
updated: Dec 6, 2019

Power-up your sales with a lead generation chatbot on your website and Facebook page. Forget about form optimization and start building stronger relationships with your future customers by delivering an engaging conversational experience.

With the ChatBot Lead Generation bot template you’ll be able to:

  • Engage more website visitors and Facebook users
  • Generate new leads and collect contact information (name, e-mail, company name, company size, additional message)
  • Collect and process inquiries from users
  • Segment and qualify leads automatically
  • Send data directly to your CRM and Google docs

What’s inside

Welcome message

The ChatBot’s greeting provides an opportunity to create a strong first impression. Welcome your visitors with a message - be it an engaging image, gif, video, or call-to-action button.

Lead generation ready to use chatbot template

Conversational contact form

ChatBot will ask users your qualification questions. With Lead Generation template you can gather users’ names, email addresses, company names and sizes. You can easily customize the template, edit an existing scenario, and add more questions.

ChatBot lead generation conversational contact form

User’s Message

After the contact information is filled out, users can send you an additional message.

ChatBot lead generation template

How to import the template

Click here to go to your dashboard and start using the Lead generation template now.

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