Machine Learning

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Dariusz Zabrzenski
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

Machine Learning is a matching system that uses Natural Language Processing and algorithmic probability to analyze user input and to determine its similarity to available interactions.

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When a customer talks to your bot, the system picks all of the queries and analyses it. The result of this analyses is expressed as a number, called the matching score. This score is compared with the confidence score, which defines the minimum value that has to reach to trigger an interaction successfully.

As the Machine Learning system is powered by the artificial intelligence, the query doesn’t have to match 100% the User Says field. Typos and various syntaxes are allowed.

When to use Machine Learning matching systemLink icon

Machine System analyses the whole user input. That’s why this matching system is recommended for most of the interactions such us:

  • General queries such as:

    • What is your offer

    • Where can I find the nearest branch?

  • Providing data, such as:

    • My address is...

    • Here is my phone number...

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