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Dariusz Zabrzenski
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

Engage more candidates on your website and Facebook page using conversational marketing. Enable easy navigation through the most important sections on your website with a virtual assistant and never miss a chance to interact with your potential students.

With University template youโ€™ll be able to:

  • Explain admission procedures

  • Promote courses, open days, university events

  • Inform users about the admission deadlines

  • Sent interested users to specific webpages (admission website, coursesโ€™ websites)

  • Gather queries from users with conversational contact form

  • Start a call directly from within ChatBot

Additionally, you can easily post new information and edit the existing ones in a matter of minutes.

What’s insideLink icon

Intuitive navigationLink icon

With intuitive navigation and menu, candidates will be able to access all the important information directly from a chat window.

University Chatbot template with intuitive navigation

List of coursesLink icon

Promote courses and make applying easier.

Conversational contact form for universities - chatbot template for universities

Conversational contact formLink icon

Users will be able to make a call directly from a chat window and leave a message using the conversational contact form.

Collected data can be automatically sent to your email (use our Zapier integration) or saved in Google Spreadsheets - you choose what works better for your organization.

How to import the templateLink icon

Click here to go to your dashboard and start using the University Bot template now.

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