What is AI Knowledge

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Sylwia Kocur
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updated: Oct 30, 2023

ChatBot AI Knowledge makes improving chatbots easy, by using the power of artificial intelligence. You can add more knowledge sources to your already created bot.Β 

Bot’s knowledge comes from your website or help center, and you can add more information manually. With ChatBot AI Knowledge, you can improve your customer service by improving and expanding the knowledge source size.

How to enable it?Link icon

It is automatically added to your bot while creating the bot. You can see it at the very beginning of your bot, next to the Start flow section.

How does it work?Link icon

When you automatically train your bot from a knowledge source, such as a website or help center, all the trained data is saved to the ChatBot AI Knowledge module.

This data can later be expanded with new Websites, Articles, KnowledgeBases, or Zendesk. You can add up to 1000 knowledge sources.

You can add more sources to your bot with the Add content button in every section of the AI Knowledge.

  • Websites - providing new URLs will allow our scanner to gather content from the sites automatically

  • Articles - you can add content that is not featured in your knowledge source, or it’s settings are set to private and are not available to our scanner

  • KnowledgeBase - you can scan your already created articles and get access to them automatically

  • Zendesk - scan your Zendesk site and make it available to the bot

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