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Sylwia Kocur
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updated: Dec 19, 2023

Debug mode lets you see what is happening in the chat while testing it before you install the Chat Widget on your website

What you can see in Debug modeLink icon

In the default view of the Testing tool, you can see how the bot will display messages for the end users and how it will react once they provide a message.

The default view of the chat displays only the messages from the Bot response blocks and your test messages.

The Debug mode view lets you see a more detailed picture - you can see exactly which actions, blocks, and steps the bot triggered to send a message to your users. 

Debug mode and Archives Link icon

Once you reset the chat in the Testing tool, you must gather all the information again. If you’d like to return to the data from the previous chat, you can do that in the app’s Archives.

You can see all the details the bot gathered during the chat and the steps the bot took for already finished chats.

Enabling Debug modeLink icon

  1. Click the Test your bot button.

  2. Click the 3 dots symbol.

  3. Choose the Debug mode option.

  4. See all the steps the bot took to display a message.

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