What is ChatBot AI Assist

Kacper Wiacek Product Expert Lead
Kacper Wiacek
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updated: Mar 12, 2024

ChatBot AI Assist makes creating conversational chatbots easy by using the power of artificial intelligence.

You can provide both simple and complex answers to customer questions with ease. Our bot’s knowledge comes from your website or help center, and you can add more information manually. With ChatBot AI Assist, you can improve your customer service by providing quick and accurate responses.

How does it work?Link icon

When you automatically train your bot from a knowledge source, such as a website or help center, all the data that is trained is passed to the ChatBot AI Assist module. This data can later be used during conversations, where the module will provide answers to your customer’s questions in a way that sounds like a human. You no longer need to predict what the customer’s question may look like. Our standalone AI model can understand the user’s intent and provide a valid response.

How to enable it?Link icon

Our AI module is automatically enabled once you use the automatic training feature. It’s an integral part of the next-generation chatbot solution, so it will work instantly after the automated training is finished.

Where can I find it?Link icon

You can find your ChatBot AI Assist module right under your Start Point module in your bot. Although you can’t edit it, when you see it in your bot, you can be sure that the AI module is enabled.

How to add a message after the AI Assist response?Link icon

It is possible to add a follow-up message right after the AI Assist response. Adding an action right after the AI Assist module will result in triggering that action every time an answer is provided using the AI module. You can easily modify the experience after the response is provided by adding one of the available actions right after the AI Assist module in your chatbot flow.

  1. Hover over the “AI Assist” module in your chatbot flow.

  2. Select one of the available actions. It will be triggered after each message provided by the AI Assist module.

  3. Edit the newly added action to suit your needs. In our case, it’s a “Bot response” action, because we want to ask the customers if the message they received was helpful or not.

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