11. Chatbot Tracking and Optimization

Your chatbot is up and running. Now for the cherry on top — measuring your success. Learn why you should check your chatbot performance regularly and find out how you can polish it for even better results.
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  • Kacper Wiacek Product Expert Lead

    Kacper Wiacek

Practice activity 11.1

Improve your chatbot performance with Archives, Reports, and Training

Even if you fine-tune your Story and test it thoroughly before the launch, you need to monitor its post-release performance. Using the ChatBot Archives, Reports, and Training tool, you can find out what parts of the Story require improving and easily polish the rough-edged interactions.

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What you’ll learn in this video tutorial: 

  • What is a Training Tool?

  • How to train your bot.

  • How to use Archives in ChatBot.

  • How to use Reports in ChatBot.

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