Customize Chat Widget

Kacper Wiącek
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updated: Mar 17, 2021

Adjust Chat Widget design to fit your brand and style. Impress users with a unique experience.

Getting to appearance settingsLink icon

  1. To get to the widget settings, go to the “Integrations” and select Chat Widget. Integrations section in ChatBot - Chat Widget
  2. Click on the Appearance. Editing Chat Widget’s appearance in ChatBot

Customize Chat Widget appearanceLink icon

Customize Chat Widget in ChatBot

  • Theme color - this option allows you to change the main widget theme color and background image. You can choose from ready-to-use presets or configure your colors by selecting the “More advanced colors” option.
  • Minimized window - define how your minimized window should look like. Available options are “bubble” and “bar” widget.
  • Minimized window theme - choose the bubble icon or upload your image. If you’re using the “bar” option, you’ll be able to customize the displayed text instead.
  • Bot avatar - enable/disable bot avatar in the welcome & conversation screen. You can use the default one or upload your own one by clicking the “Upload your bot avatar” button.

Position customizationLink icon

Decide where Chat Widget should appear on your website. You can choose between left and right. It is also possible to define the spacing between hat Widget and corresponding bottom and side edges. Change your Chat Widget position on your website in ChatBot

Preview changes in real timeLink icon

You can preview the changes to your Chat Widget in real-time on the right side of the configuration screen. Choose from one of the views to see the minimized chat, welcome screen, or ongoing chat view.

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