7. How to Create User-friendly Chatbot Error Messages

Chatbots don’t make mistakes, but they might not always understand every question, especially when the user makes a lot of spelling mistakes or uses a term unknown to a bot. Watch our next lesson and learn how to keep the conversation going when a misunderstanding between the user and the chatbot happens.
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  • Ada Lembicz Product Expert

    Ada Lembicz

Practice activity 7.1

What is a Fallback interaction, and how do you configure it in ChatBot?

Fallback is a special message a chatbot can send to the user when it can’t recognize their response. Find out how to use it in ChatBot to resolve misunderstandings and keep the conversation going.

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You’ll learn in this video tutorial:

  • What is a default Fallback interaction?

  • What is a contextual Fallback?

  • How to configure the Fallback interaction in ChatBot.

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How to Write Better Error Messages

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8. Data Collection with Chatbots

Explore the ways to collect customer information and feedback with a chatbot.

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