Chatbot Designer Online Course

Get started in the field of chatbots with our free video lessons. Learn from the industry experts, become a professional chatbot designer, and build stellar bots without coding. No previous experience needed.

Creators of the Chatbot Designer Free course

About the course

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The Chatbot Designer Course provides you with the essential knowledge of effective chatbot creation. It consists of theoretical lectures and practical video lessons that will let you build a fully-working chatbot from A to Z with no coding. The course is free and has a flexible schedule. It’s dedicated both to beginners and more advanced users who’d like to either become chatbot designers or start using bots in their business.

What you will learn

  • The design thinking method for chatbots
  • The building blocks of chatbots
  • How to choose a channel for your chatbot
  • How to build a chatbot without coding
  • How to add a chatbot to your website
  • How to create a chatbot personality
  • The ways to collect data with chatbots


  • Ada Lembicz Product Expert

    Ada Lembicz

    Product expert and online educator, ChatBot

  • Daria Zaboj product content specialist

    Daria Zabój

    Product content designer, ChatBot

  • Kacper Wiacek Product Expert Lead

    Kacper Wiacek

    Conversation designer and product experts lead, ChatBot

  • Kaia Madalinska Brand Ambassador

    Kaia Madalińska

    Brand ambassador, LiveChat

Create your chat bot
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