6. How Chatbots Understand Human Language

Welcome back! In this lesson, you’ll dig deeper into how chatbots collect user input and process human speech to answer complex questions. You’ll also learn what Machine Learning is and why it’s essential in chatbots.
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  • Ada Lembicz Product Expert

    Ada Lembicz

Practice activity 6.1

User input — how to use it right and better understand your customers

User input interaction allows your chatbot to capture the user’s reply and find matching chatbot responses. Watch our video tutorial and learn how to configure it in ChatBot properly.

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What you’ll learn in this video video tutorial:

  • What is the User input block in ChatBot?

  • What is a matching system?

  • The difference between available matching systems in ChatBot.

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Further reading:
What Is Machine Learning?

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7. How to Create User-friendly Chatbot Error Messages

Find out how to recover the conversation when a misunderstanding between the user and the chatbot happens.

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