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Stay in touch with your customers even when the chat ends.

When you want your team to follow up on the conversation later, use the create ticket action. It allows you to generate a ticket that can be further managed by your customer service team.

Note that the leave chat action works only with the integration. Go to the compatibility table to see the full list of bot responses and actions designed for your favorite integrations.

How to add tickets to your story

Before to add the ticket action to your story, make sure that you’ve collected your customers’ email address. You can ask for the email in the pre-chat survey set in LiveChat or using ask question action that will prompt the user to provide the email address.

LiveChat offers the variety of options for your tickets. Check out more in here.

  1. Go to your ChatBot dashboard and select a story that you want to modify. Add a new interaction and name it Leave message.
  2. Enter your new interaction and add a text message to confirm that the ticket has been created.
  3. Next, go to the LiveChat section in bot responses and add the create ticket action.
  4. Add a subject and an email address where you want to receive the tickets.
  5. Now go to the LiveChat application page and open the sample page. Test your scenario a few times and check your mailbox to be sure that the ticket has been successfully created. Note that you can also view the tickets in the ticket section in LiveChat.

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