Dariusz Zabrzenski
1 min read
updated: Sep 28, 2022

Question is a powerful bot action that can validate user responses and collect leads.

The Question action is beneficial when you require specific information from your customer to proceed with their request. Maybe you have an online shop and want to verify a username before completing the order or you need an email address to reach back to your customer later. Question lets you do just that!

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You can easily customize the Question action in the following fields:

  • Your question — type your question here. Note that if you decide to enter more questions, they’ll appear in this exact order.
  • Reply type — select an entity that you want to validate. You can choose either system or user entities.
  • Save answer to attribute — name your attribute to reuse it in the future.
  • Action of failure input — choose the action to be triggered when the maximum number of questions is reached.
  • Retry until […] — decide how many times your chatbot should repeat the question in case the attribute isn’t filled.

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