Old Builder

Articles related to the previous version of ChatBot Visual Builder.

Artificial intelligence

Matching systems

Discover available matching systems in ChatBot.


How to use attributes

Learn how to add and use attributes in your conversations.

The list of attributes

See the list of default attributes.

Bot responses

Add to segment

Organize collected user contacts into segments and export them to web services.

Goal for LiveChat

Check the performance of your chatbot.

Ask question

Validate multiple user responses and collect leads.


Engage users with colorful pictures.


Block previously matched interactions so that the user canโ€™t trigger them again.

Quick reply

Suggest possible answers to the user.

Bot Responses and integrations - compatibility table

Discover which Bot responses and Actions are supported by your ChatBot integrations.

Remove from segment

Remove users from a selected segment.


Help the user achieve their goal faster.


Clear contexts and attributes in ongoing chats.

Button settings

Add dynamic button types and actions to responses to make your bot more functional.

Set attributes

Assign information to users or ongoing chats and pass them to web services.


Add colorful images to your Stories.

Tag for LiveChat

Categorize and organize your chats with tags.


Show off your products using colorful cards.


Text responses give you a lot of flexibility. Check out how to use them.

Close chat for Chat Widget

Close the chat when the conversation is finished.

Transcript for LiveChat

Send a chat transcript to your email when the goal of a conversation is reached.

Close chat for LiveChat

Close the chat when the conversation between the user and the bot is finished.

Transfer chat for LiveChat

Transfer the chat to your customer support team when your bot canโ€™t handle it.

Create ticket for LiveChat

Let the user create a LiveChat ticket while chatting.

What are Bot responses

Learn about available ChatBot responses.

Go to

Redirect users to a specific interaction when needed.


Clone interactions

Create your Stories faster.


Personalize your chatbot communication.

Context Fallback

Customize the Fallback message for different flows.

First steps with interactions

Learn how to use ChatBot Interactions.


Control how fast your chatbot should respond.

Interaction dependencies

Understand the dependencies between interactions to provide better conversation flow.

Fallback interaction

Decide what the chatbot should do when it doesn't understand user input.

Welcome interaction

How to configure and remove the welcome interaction.


Configure Moments in your dashboard

Check how to set up Moments.

LiveChat integration

The ChatBot and LiveChat integration

Automate your LiveChat communication.

Transfer chats for LiveChat

Transfer a chat to a LiveChat agent when needed.


Built-in Chat

Test out your bot scenario before publishing it.


Discover what elements you can use to create a Story.


Learn about the key elements of your Story.


ChatBot settings

Discover how to set up your account.


Resets the chat when the limit of unsuccessful interactions is reached.

Confidence score

Decide how precisely your chatbot should interpret user input.



Learn what context in ChatBot is and why itโ€™s important.

Learn about Stories

See how to create Stories in ChatBot.

How to map Interactions

Tips on how to create a good Story


Reuse existing interactions.

System entities

Add system entities to your Story

Recognize and validate user input.


Set up the temperature of your intelligent devices by using a chatbot.


Collect leads and perform more actions after the chat ends.


Capture and reuse URLs provided by your users.


Help your chatbot understand when the customer enters natural numbers in the chat window.

Sys.yes and sys.no

Recognize the user input with ease.


Collect any number your client sends to your chatbot.


Catch yes and no answers using one system entity.


Recognize any phone number the user might send.

The list of system entities

Find out what system entities are available in ChatBot.


Ecommerce template

Boost your ecommerce sales.

Restaurant template

Processes orders and bookings.

User entities

Using entities in interactions

Discover how to create and use entities.


Connect your first webhook

Learn how to set up your webhook in a few steps.

What are webhooks

Pass data between web services.

Set up your webhooks

Learn how to create multiple webhooks.

What is a verification request

Find out how to confirm your webhooks.

Webhook examples

Check out our webhook examples.

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