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Luiza Jurczyk
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

ChatBot gives you the full control over your bot responses and actions. Thanks to the context planning you can precisely decide not only what but also when happens.

A story is a set of interactions bonded together into a logical tree structure. The position in that tree defines when the interaction’s priority and availability. While the bot traverses the scenario, different bot answers become available.

The current position of the bot defines its possibilities and options called context. The context changes every time the bot moves along the story and opens newly possible interactions as well as closes the previous ones.

How does the context workLink icon

When you’re testing your story in the built-in chat, triggered interactions are automatically highlighted what can help you to understand what exactly happens in your story.

In the above example we’ve got five different responses, A, B, C, D and E. A, and E are root responses and B, C and D are child responses. Additionally, below E, there’s the reference to D. So let’s analyze how does everything work together.

  • The root responses A and E can always be reached from any point of the story

  • The reference to D colored in green is a shortcut that allows jumping from one end of the story to another, without copying the content.

  • When A is selected, the bot can match B, E or A again.

  • You can block the context using the backtracking action

  • Each step of the story can have its context fallback message

What do we need the context forLink icon

The context gives us the control over what happens to the story. It defines the conversation flow and the next steps of the chat. You can decide what happens in every part of the story. Additionally, you can use the context fallback triggered when the query cannot be matched.

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