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Luiza Jurczyk
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

Every chatbot story is built from interactions – steps that define the behavior of a bot. These steps describe what the bot says, what happens to data collected from clients, and finally when the interaction will occur.

Interactions can be very various. You can build a simple one, to tell users about your business, or a complex one, that collects user contact details and sends it over to your database.

Interaction elementsLink icon

  • User Says - type here what the query that triggers this interaction. You can decide the matching system individually for each phrase.

  • Bot Responses - choose from many available responses and actions, such as text, image, cards and more, to design the bot answer. You can also apply filters and delays for each of them.

  • Advanced - add actions and triggers to the interaction.

Additionally, there are two system interactions: welcome interaction that greets your visitors, and fallback interaction that is triggered when bot is unable to match the queries with any available interactions in your story.

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