The ChatBot and LiveChat integration

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Dariusz Zabrzenski
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

LiveChat is an ultimate customer service application that provides chatting solution for any business.

Integrate your chatbot with LiveChat to provide 24/7 chat support for all latitudes. Your bot can greet customers, filter incoming chats, answer frequent questions and create tickets, while your team can focus on cases that require human insight.

Why you should use LiveChat <> ChatBot integrationLink icon

Use ChatBot to get your very own chat bot for LiveChat on your website. The set up is straightforward, and you can benefit a lot from having a bot like that:

  • The chatbot can deal with easier cases, giving agents more time to work on the more difficult ones,

  • The bot doesn’t sleep, so it will have no problem working overtime or after-hours,

  • Add rich messages such as cards, quick replies, and carousels to enhance the communication.

  • The chatbot can take thousands of chats at the same time and it will still be able to answer all of them.

What you getLink icon

  • Chatbot became one of your agents and takes up one seat.

  • Within a group, all incoming chats are going to your bot agent first.

  • Use actions, such as tickets, chat transcripts and transfer, designed exclusively for the LiveChat integration.

  • By default, the bot is assigned to the group 0. You can change the group in the transfer action settings.

  • The bot can transfer chats to human agents, and human agents can transfer chats back to the bot.

  • All the chats with thw bot are archived both by ChatBot and LiveChat

  • Tracking your bot performance is very simple. Chats handled by the bot are automatically tagged chatbot. Additionally, chats that were transferred to human agents get an additional tag chatbot-transfer.

  • All chats are routed to the bot agent. You can change this option using the Remember recent agents option toggle.

Sounds good? Follow the steps below to get your chatbot for your live chat.

Bot actions designed for LiveChatLink icon

LiveChat offers plenty of features that make the communication between live chat agents and customers easier, such as providing help when human agents are offline and resolving a huge volume of repetitive inquiries.

The ChatBot and LiveChat integration allows bots going even a step further β€” creating tickets, sending chat transcripts and forwarding chats between humans and bots so your customer service gets the full coverage.

  • Transfer β€” transfer ongoing chats to human agents when human expertise needed.

  • Create ticket β€” allow customers to create tickets.

  • Transcript β€” set a step of the scenario that sends chat transcript to the defined email address.

  • Close chat β€” close the chat when its final goal is reached.

  • Tags β€” let the bot tag ongoing chats and stay organized.

  • Goals β€” use goals to track successful purchases, satisfying help and visited websites.

Additionally, LiveChat integration supports rich messages β€” cards, buttons, carousels, and quick replies so chats can be faster, more interesting and dynamic. Read more about rich messages.

FAQLink icon

Can I send transcripts of finished chats to my email?Link icon

Yes. You can receive chat transcripts directly to your mailbox. Go here to learn more.

Is ChatBot’s LiveChat integration required for having a bot in LiveChat?Link icon

Yes. The integration is required to use create an agent bot for LiveChat.

Is there any way to disable the bot if no other agents are online?Link icon

Work scheduler is available in the Business and higher plans. It is also possible to turn the bot on and off manually.

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