The list of system entities

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Luiza Jurczyk
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

Check out the list of available System Entities you can use in your interactions. To read more about using System Entities go here.

Entity nameDescriptionQueryReturned data
sys.anyMatches anything that is non-empty.I want to book a hotel in New YorkNew York
sys.urlMatches urlhttps://chatbot.com
sys.integerMatches integer number1212
sys.numberMatches ordinal and cardinal numberone hundred thirty million five hundred seventy thousand130570000 phone number650-283-4757650-283-4757
sys.temperatureMatches temperature37°c, 70 degrees fahrenheit, 45 degrees{ unit: 'celsius', amount: 37 }
{ unit: 'fahrenheit','amount: 70 }
{ unit: 'unknown', amount: 45 }
sys.yesMatches yes synonymsyes, fine, sure…yes
sys.noMatches no synonymsno, no
sys.yes-noMatches yes and no synonymsyes, sure, no, neveryes, no
sys.alphanumericMatches both letters and numeralsAP456UQWAP456UQW

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