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Luiza Jurczyk
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updated: Apr 4, 2022

With image responses, you can simply add some color to your chat.

Using images helps to visualize the conversation and draws attention. Add URLs with images in a popular image format, to enhance the message by showing your logo, company, portfolio or directions. Show who you are, your sense of humor and character and just shine.

ChatBot supports all the popular image formats: .jpeg, .png,.gif and .webP.
ChatBot supports all the popular image formats: .jpeg, .png,.gif and .webP.

How to add an image responsesLink icon

  1. Go to the bot responses section in the interaction view.

  2. Select the Image response type.

  3. In the Enter image URL field paste the image URL you want to use in this interaction.

  4. Click Done to confirm the URL.

Image and integrationsLink icon

Simple images works with all available integrations. To see the full compatibility table, go here.

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