Help Test Out the Redesigned Version of ChatBot’s Visual Builder

Some things are good the way they are, others need a tweak. Customer feedback and our insights have shown us that ChatBot’s Visual Builder is one of the areas on our platform that could deliver a better experience. Our new vision for it has just been released. We’re happy to... read more

2 minutes
Sep 9, 2020

Elevate Your Buttons with New Actions

Discover a new section in your button settings that brings more configuration under the hood. Buttons can significantly accelerate chats and improve customer experience. They can guide the conversation but also open websites, dial phone numbers, open Moments, and more. Recently,... read more

1 minutes
Sep 2, 2019

Your Refreshed Archives

We’re rolling out refreshed archives with a better look, great tweaks, and new features. You have probably noticed that ChatBot is gradually getting a new design. We’ve already refreshed Stories, Integrations, and added a few new sections such as Reports and Users.... read more

2 minutes
Aug 7, 2019

Chatbot Summit 2019 Summary

When chatbots took off, businesses became super excited. They started to apply them to be in line with the newest trends. But that has changed. Bots are no longer a cool innovation; they are a must that lets brands meet changing users’ expectations. However, that doesn’t mean... read more

4 minutes
Jul 2, 2019

BotEngine transforms into ChatBot

A while ago we’ve reached a decision to change our platform name. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to the BotEngine label, but we’re sure it’s the right move. Below we‘re sharing our thoughts behind this decision. Enjoy your reading and from now on, call us ChatBot! We’ve started... read more

2 minutes
Nov 22, 2018

Join the Academy and become a chatbot expert

The Academy brings a new and efficient way to master chatbots: no more hours spent on reading docs and following tedious instructions. Learning new applications is like moving to a new city. First days, you entirely rely on maps, browse the internet to know the right places, and... read more

3 minutes
Nov 5, 2018

Feed Your Chatbot with Real Data from Your Users

The new training tool brings daily improvement to your chatbot. Planning a chatbot can sometimes look like fortunetelling. You try to predict what is your client going to say before the launch of the bot. Later, you send the chatbot round to your friends, colleagues, and family... read more

2 minutes
May 17, 2018

Meet ChatBot Experts in the New Marketplace

Expert Marketplace: the space to hire professionals to create your bot. The primary goal of building a chatbot is to save time we spend on chatting with our customers. No matter if you’re a sole trader who tries to catch up incoming messages in the late evening, or a manager of a... read more

1 minutes
May 5, 2018

A Big Update of the Keywords Matching System

ChatBot offers two matching systems: machine learning, and keywords. Each of them was designed to suit different needs. The right system choice can significantly help your chatbot to understand your clients, and increase the user satisfaction. One of them gets a vital update that... read more

2 minutes
Apr 25, 2018

Discover the Superpower of Buttons

Under the shiny cover of your buttons, there’s a lot of magic you can use to boost your chatbot. Buttons allow serving desirable answers to your visitors in an easy and understandable way. Moreover, you can assign each of them an action to be performed when the button is clicked... read more

2 minutes
Apr 12, 2018

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