Your Refreshed Archives

2 min read
Aug 7, 2019
a chatbot dashboard on a yellow background

We're rolling out refreshed archives with a better look, great tweaks, and new features.

You have probably noticed that ChatBot is gradually getting a new design. We've already refreshed Stories, Integrations, and added a few new sections such as Reports and Users. Now it's time to revisit Archives, the section that has been a core part of the ChatBot app since the beginning.

What's new in your archives

Your archives are a real bottomless treasury of knowledge that lets you preview past conversations between your bot and the customers. They help you understand what happens in chats, who talks to your bot, and what data is mostly collected.

The update brings better usability and readability to your archives, so now finding information, tracking the bot and the user is faster and more comfortable.

First, we've added some tweaks to the filters. Now you can combine various filters to find conversations. For example, you can narrow the results only to chats with a specific user that occurred within a particular integration.

The filters section in ChatBot

The chat preview has also been fully redesigned. From now on, every single response and action returns additional details, such as action status (if it was successful or not), collected attributes, and more. You can check the list in the help center.

More details in the chats view

Last but not least, we've also made some changes to the conversation details panel. The section lists recent information about a user, that is connected to the Users base. Below, you can find session data, such as an active integration, a bot story, and collected attributes.

Redesigned conversation details section

Are you curious? Click here to check out your redesigned archives now.