Discover the Superpower of Buttons

Under the shiny cover of your buttons, there’s a lot of magic you can use to boost your chatbot. Buttons allow serving desirable answers to your visitors in an easy and understandable way. Moreover, you can assign each of them an action to be performed when the button is clicked... read more

2 minutes
Apr 12, 2018

LiveChat Transfer Has Just Got Simpler

The new transfer action brings more flexibility and simpler configuration to the LiveChat integration. Previously we’ve used the transfer interaction to redirect ongoing chats to LiveChat agents, that had been automatically added to the story after activating the integration.... read more

2 minutes
Apr 12, 2018

Interaction Cloning Tool

Use the new cloning tool to copy ready chunks of the story and reuse them without wasting your energy on repetitive tasks. We’ve created ChatBot to relief you from robotic daily work, so we don’t want you to act like a robot while creating one. Work smarter using the cloning tool... read more

1 minutes
Mar 25, 2018

Don’t Build from Scratch — Use Templates!

Building a good scenario brings you halfway to a successful chatbot experience. But what if you don’t have an idea or experience how to even start a plan? Don’t worry! We have prepared free and easy to use templates for you! When you enter ChatBot for the first time, it’s easy to... read more

2 minutes
Mar 12, 2018

The new conversation delay

You know that feeling when you’re expecting a message from someone you like? Squinting at your phone every 10 minutes and jumping up every time it is buzzing? Now chatbots can give you this excitement! Today we’re introducing the delay! The great advantage of bots is that they... read more

2 minutes
Mar 7, 2018

Speak to Your Client, Not to Masses

Everyone wants to feel special, right? With filters, your bot can send different messages to different customers based on your criteria. Filters give you a lot of flexibility. You can create responses that will be shown only to a specific audience, and most importantly, squeeze... read more

1 minutes
Feb 10, 2018

Introducing chat.io Integration

The chat.io integration is live so your customer service can now be artificially intelligent or… your bot can get a pair of human hands to help. Just pick up the option you need! The chat.io integration is now live so your customer service can now be artificially intelligent or…... read more

2 minutes
Feb 6, 2018

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