The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot Helps Businesses Create a Safer Workplace

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May 11, 2020
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ChatBot and Infermedica have partnered together to help scale up the COVID-19 crisis response. The result of this cooperation is the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot that we share for free. The solution can help businesses and organizations share verified information about coronavirus symptoms and take on additional protective measures after getting back to work.

Infermedica is a provider of AI-driven solutions for preliminary medical diagnoses. By combining Inferemdica’s COVID-19 triage-oriented screening protocol with the ChatBot technology, our teams created a solution that helps with self-evaluating the risk of infection.

The chatbot asks a series of questions and quickly analyzes reported symptoms. Depending on the interview results, it guides a person on whether and where they should seek medical assistance. It also gives contact information to local healthcare organizations. The chatbot’s content is based on WHO's guidelines and was prepared in cooperation with Infermedica’s medical team.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot can help businesses of various kinds, including hotels, public institutions, and non-profit organizations, to keep educating employees, customers, and communities about coronavirus symptoms and procedures. It can also serve as a preventive check-in point for businesses getting ready for the return of customers. We believe our solution will help organizations make sure people are still aware of the risk of infection, even if the COVID-19 restrictions are loosened.


The free COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot is available as a ready-to-use template. It can be added to your website as a chat widget, easily integrated with Facebook Messenger, or connected with any other platform using our open API.

To get the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot for free, create an account using this page or contact us at support@chatbot.com.

Stay safe!