BotEngine transforms into ChatBot

2 min read
Nov 22, 2018
ChatBot logo on a grey background

A while ago we’ve reached a decision to change our platform name. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to the BotEngine label, but we’re sure it’s the right move. Below we‘re sharing our thoughts behind this decision. Enjoy your reading and from now on, call us ChatBot!

We’ve started our BotEngine journey almost two years ago. During that time, the platform’s features portfolio has expanded to include many types of chatbots’ responses, two types of matching systems in conversations and an API documentation. We’ve also enhanced the tool with new functionalities and integrations, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, and our company’s other solutions, LiveChat. All this, to give our users a chance to go crazy with their chatbots and prepare them so that they can take virtually any action.

Currently, the chatbot trend is spreading far and wide and this propels us into even quicker development. From the very beginning, we feel that the aim for ChatBot is to give its users a comprehensive solution that helps them in building chatbots for almost any business situation. We’re doing our best to achieve it. Even if there is still some way to go, we are sure that we can get there, now more than ever.

Thinking about that, we’ve decided to rename BotEngine as ChatBot and switch to new website address - chatbot.com. In this way, we want to highlight that we offer a comprehensive platform for chatbots development.

On November 26, BotEngine will be replaced with ChatBot. We’re going to change the name only. The functionalities and the platform itself will remain the same. We take great pride in the platform’s design and know you like it too. If you use our API, please remember to update your integrations by the end of March 2019. The current API address, api.botengine.ai should be replaced with api.chatbot.com.

The next step for us is to continue our mission of giving even more business opportunities to companies of every size willing to develop or improve their communication with customers.

Stay tuned for brand-new ChatBot’s updates!