Best Shopify Chatbot You Can Try Right Away in 2024

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Feb 9, 2024
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Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. It is easy to set up, making it the first choice for professional sellers and people who want to start their first online store.

As you create your account, choose a design, and optimize the checkout process, one thing will probably take you more time than it should - managing customer questions.

The good news is that you can optimize that with AI chatbots, too.

ServiceBell estimates that chatbots can manage as much as 30% of customer interactions, allowing stores to preserve super service without hiring additional customer support agents.

Let's discover the best Shopify chatbots in 2024 and their benefits.

What is an AI chatbot for Shopify?

An AI chatbot for Shopify is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that automates and streamlines numerous client interactions. These chatbots can handle tasks including answering customer queries, resolving complaints, making appointments, capturing leads, and even processing returns.

By leveraging AI technology, chatbots can offer efficient and timely responses to clients, reducing time to resolution.

Improving your customer support is a big deal, as 79% of clients care about a brand's service as much as its product. With a growing number of Shopify stores, standing out is essential. Bots can chat with many customers at once, providing accurate information in no time.

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The benefits of using AI chatbots for Shopify

Adding an AI chatbot to your Shopify store has many benefits. Here are the most important ones:

Improved customer service

AI chatbots can manage an enormous part of consumer queries, lowering the workload for your customer support team. They can answer simple questions quickly, address customer complaints faster, and offer efficient and timely responses.

24/7 availability

With AI chatbots, you can answer any question any time. These bots can operate round-the-clock, making sure that your clients get help even when your live agents are offline.

Enhanced efficiency

AI chatbots can deal with multiple conversations simultaneously while browsing your product information for answers, checking order status, etc. This one improvement alone can save you hours you can spend improving other business areas.

Cost savings

By leveraging AI chatbots, you could reduce the need to hire additional customer service agents to handle growing volumes of customer requests. This can bring about significant cost savings in your enterprise.

Best artificial intelligence chatbots for Shopify in 2024

When it comes to choosing a Shopify chatbot app, there are several options available. Here are some of the best chatbot apps you can try right away:



ChatBot is a flexible solution that offers interactive and automated messaging abilities. It allows businesses to gather leads, answer questions, book appointments, and create customer support tickets even when you're away. With its visual builder, growing an AI bot becomes intuitive and simple.

The bot learns from purchaser records, enabling personalized conversations that have been enhanced over the years. ChatBot integrates with Shopify, making it really easy to set up and use.


You can get the Starter plan for $52 per month.




Tidio Chat is an effective Shopify AI chatbot designed to manage customer support for small-to-medium-sized businesses. With its drag-and-drop visual editor, creating chat flows is a breeze. Whether you choose the pre-constructed communication templates or customize interactions from scratch, Tidio Chat offers flexibility and simplicity of use.

This chatbot can automate responses to common client queries, generate leads with tailor-made user greetings, create and distribute client tickets, and handle returns. The integration with Shopify is seamless, and Tidio Chat also integrates with different messaging systems like Instagram and Facebook, consolidating all chats into one inbox.


Tidio Chat offers a free plan with constrained capabilities and paid plans beginning from $19 per month.




By leveraging HubSpot's CRM, companies can customize interactions based on demographics and behavior. The chatbot can send personalized messages, collect information, qualify leads, correspond with clients when live support is offline, book meetings, create support tickets, and trigger email sequences.

Building a chatbot with HubSpot doesn't require coding, and the visual builder simplifies the process. While Shopify integration requires extra steps, HubSpot's chatbot gives tremendous scalability and automation features.


HubSpot offers a free plan with restrained features and paid plans beginning from $50 per month.




Gobot is a chatbot platform that allows you to get more information about your audience, engage customers, and assists in product discovery. It can speed up customer support by collecting user data from your visitors, which you can use to monetize them.

Gobot offers self-service tools, allowing customers to track and manage their orders efficiently. The integration with Shopify is seamless, and Gobot's capacity to upsell and promote products makes it a valuable tool for ecommerce groups.


Gobot offers a limited free plan. The pricing requires contacting the Gobot team.




Zendesk provides a conversational AI chatbot that automates responses to customer inquiries when live agents are unavailable. With its conversation flow builder, businesses can create customized responses and direct customers to relevant website pages.

The chatbot can decipher user intent, language, and sentiment, and provide AI recommendations to live agents. Zendesk offers features like collecting customer data, prioritizing requests, and sorting them to the right agent. While Zendesk is primarily focused on facilitating and analyzing conversations, it can be a valuable tool for streamlining customer support operations.


Zendesk offers a 14-day free trial, with paid plans starting from $49 per month.




Drift is a cloud-based chatbot that improves productivity through proactive customer engagement. It lets agencies automate personalized messages, book meetings, offer product information, and more.

With its AI-powered skills, you can engage, support, and guide your customers. While setting up Drift requires more effort than alternatives, its features make it a powerful device for turning conversations into conversions.


Drift offers a limited free plan. Paid plans start at $2,500 billed annually.



Relish AI

Relish AI is an AI-powered chat assistant designed specificly for Shopify. It guides customers through conversations using predefined questions and responses, handling inquiries, and assisting product discovery.

Relish AI automates customer support, procedure returns, and cancellations. You can also use it for lead generation, and the Shopify Inbox centralizes conversations with clients.


Relish AI offers a 14-day free trial, with paid plans starting from $29 per month.




Gorgias offers a customer support automation platform that consists of an AI chatbot. The chatbot automates workflows and sends personalized messages primarily based on predefined rules and triggers. It can manage often-requested questions, update customers on order status, initiate returns and cancellations, and centralize client inquiries from multiple channels.

Gorgias offers self-service alternatives for clients to manage their orders, making it a comprehensive solution for customer support. The integration with Shopify is straightforward, and Gorgias' multi-channel capabilities make it suitable for organizations working across different platforms.


Gorgias offers a 7-day free trial, with paid plans beginning from $10 per month.



Why is the Shopify chatbot worth using in your online store?

Implementing a Shopify chatbot in your online store can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased sales and business growth. Instant support can enhance the overall shopping experience, ensuring that customers feel valued and supported throughout their journey on your website. 

A Shopify chatbot streamlines the purchasing process by offering real-time responses to frequently asked questions, such as product details, shipping information, or return policies, reducing friction and increasing conversion rates.

Secondly, a Shopify chatbot enables personalized customer interactions, thereby fostering stronger relationships and loyalty. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, chatbots can analyze customer data and preferences to deliver tailored recommendations and suggestions.

Integrating a Shopify chatbot can also automate routine tasks and streamline customer service operations, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities. By handling common inquiries and support requests, such as order tracking or account management, the chatbot reduces the workload on your customer support team, enabling them to allocate their time and resources more efficiently.

How do you add them?

Adding a Shopify chatbot to your online store involves several steps, but Shopify makes the process relatively straightforward. Here's a general guide on how to do it:

ChatBot integration is the only solution you need

Among the various tools available, ChatBot stands out with its user-friendly interface, robust features, and seamless Shopify integration. Our tool offers everything you need to create an exceptional customer experience.

With advanced AI technology, ChatBot can understand and interpret customer questions with precision, providing efficient solutions without the need for human intervention. This capability streamlines the customer service process, enhancing satisfaction and driving engagement in your Shopify store.

One of ChatBot's key advantages is its easy setup, requiring no coding knowledge to implement. This accessibility empowers Shopify store owners to easily deploy and configure the chatbot without relying on technical expertise. By eliminating the need for coding, ChatBot accelerates the integration process, allowing businesses to enhance their online customer support rapidly.

ChatBot prioritizes data security by processing and hosting all data exclusively within its platform. This approach mitigates concerns about dependencies on third-party providers like OpenAI, Google Bard, or Bing AI, safeguarding sensitive customer information.

By centralizing data processing and hosting, ChatBot provides a secure environment for handling customer interactions, protecting user privacy and your Shopify store's integrity.

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Integrate your Shopify chatbot today

When selecting a chatbot, prioritize features that align with your needs, such as natural language processing, seamless integration with Shopify, multilingual support, and robust analytics capabilities. 

Integrate ChatBot into your Shopify store for a comprehensive and customizable chatbot solution that caters to your specific requirements. With the right chatbot in place, you can deliver exceptional customer service and propel the success of your Shopify store to new heights.

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