The New Visual Builder is Here

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Dec 11, 2020
The ChatBot Visual Builder dashboard

After months of hard work and inspiring interviews with our beta testers, we’re finally ready to share with you the brand new version of ChatBot’s Visual Builder. The new interface has a modern, dark-themed look and offers a much better way of building chatbots.

chatbot visual builder dashboard

The decision to redesign our builder was based on our insights and customer feedback. The thorough analysis of the collected data showed us that ChatBot’s Visual Builder could deliver a better experience. The new version allows us to achieve that.

Like before, the new builder lets you create chatbot stories by using a simple drag-and-drop editor. The difference is that now the story is built from left to right and not from top to bottom. You can also zoom into every story to see it in full view. That allows you to quickly locate particular elements on the conversation tree and gives you more control over the building process. Below, you can read the very first reviews we got from our early adopters.

testimonial saying that ChatBot is excellent for people without coding skills
testimonial saying that ChatBot has some great features and amazing user experience
testimonial saying that ChatBot us easy to use and there are many options to choose from.

What’s more, our existing Visual Builder required reengineering to add the features you asked for. Also, thanks to this update, we’ll be able to implement even more functionalities that meet your needs and that will help you automate your support, sales, and marketing the smart way.

Check out what awaits you!

A/B test action

The new interface allows you to build complex chatbot stories with ease. It lets you make sure that they work for your customers, too. Using the new A/B test action, you can try out up to five different chatbot flows at once. Because of that, you can experiment with different copy, images, or response formats to verify which of them achieve the highest engagement and conversion rates. As a result, you can consciously develop your chatbot stories to get much better results. 

AB test feature in chatbot visual builder

Testing tool 

Testing is an inherent part of the building process, but when the story is complex, it can take plenty of your time. Our new testing tool, available right within the builder, lets you shorten this phase. Using it, you can test your bot scenario from any moment in the story. It means that you no longer have to test your story from the beginning to verify the last interaction. Just mark the chosen interaction on the tree to open the test Chat Widget. This way, you can focus only on these elements that need to be improved or verified and launch your chatbot faster. 

Testing tool in chatbot visual builder

Search tool 

The new search tool is another improvement that significantly speeds up the building process. With this handy feature, you can quickly find specific blocks on the conversation tree. Just type the block’s name in the search bar, and the search item will be lit up in blue on the interface. 

Search tool in chatbot visual builder

Organizational matters 

As for now, the new version of Visual Builder is available for only for new accounts. The new interface is going to be released for all ChatBot users in January 2021. 

Accounts created before December 14, 2020

If you created your account before  December 14, 2020, the new version of the builder won’t appear on your account yet. We encourage you to explore the new interface, though. If you would like to become an early adopter, write to us at support@chatbot.com. We can add the new Visual Builder version to your account as an additional option. This change won’t have any impact on your chatbots or subscription. 

The tutorials explaining the new builder are available on our website as Help Center 2.0. We’re still adding new materials, and we encourage you to visit it regularly. 

Accounts created after December 14, 2020

First things first, we’re happy to have you on board! As a new user, you get access to only the brand new version of Visual Builder because we won’t develop the old version anymore. The tutorials explaining how to use the new interface are available on our website as Help Center 2.0. We’re still adding new materials, and we encourage you to visit it regularly. 

Last but not least, if you would like to share your feedback about the new Visual Builder or need help, write to us at support@chatbot.com.