Discover the Superpower of Buttons

2 min read
Apr 12, 2018
superpower and a thunder on a purple background

Under the shiny cover of your buttons, there’s a lot of magic you can use to boost your chatbot.

Buttons allow serving desirable answers to your visitors in an easy and understandable way. Moreover, you can assign each of them an action to be performed when the button is clicked and get more control over the conversation.

How does it work

Cards, buttons and quick replies allow building interactive and dynamic conversations thanks to their clickable buttons. Instead of searching for a matching and adequate query your clients can click the button to leap to the next step of the chat.

Before each of the buttons had an optional postback field that could be used to add more actions to the response. After the newest update, the buttons get even smarter. You can assign each of them an individual action that will be triggered when someone clicks the button. The bot can open a website in a new tab, jump to another part of the story, dial a phone number or send the post back that can help you distinguish which button has been clicked.

Use bot responses to navigate through the story, show more information about your products and narrow possible answers. I’m sure you’ll find more cases where buttons can do a great job for you.

Check out how to use the new button types