Power up Your Customer Support, Marketing, and Sales With Ready-To-Use ChatBot Templates

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May 27, 2020
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The initial step of creating a chatbot is the hardest to take. To make that step much easier for you, our chatbot designers prepared a set of ready-to-use ChatBot templates with descriptions that are all in one place.

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More about Templates

Templates are ready-to-use chatbot Stories that let you quickly launch task-specific and industry-oriented chatbots on websites, Messenger, LiveChat, and other popular messaging platforms. We grouped all of the templates into categories (customer support, marketing, and sales) to help you quickly find the right Story.

You can reuse templates as they are or add them as additional elements to your existing stories. Customize each one to your business needs or treat as an inspiration for creating more complex scenarios.

Customer Satisfaction Template page

Quick and simple implementation

Templates allow you to create and launch chatbots in minutes without coding. You can import them from the ChatBot Templates section or access them directly from within the ChatBot dashboard.

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