Help Test Out the Redesigned Version of ChatBot’s Visual Builder

2 min read
Sep 9, 2020
Help Test Out the Redesigned Version of ChatBot’s Visual Builder

Some things are good the way they are, others need a tweak. Customer feedback and our insights have shown us that ChatBot’s Visual Builder is one of the areas on our platform that could deliver a better experience. Our new vision for it has just been released.

We’re happy to share that we’ve just finished the first iteration of the new ChatBot Visual Builder. We've completely redesigned its interface to let you build robust chatbots quicker and easier. The new builder lets you see even the most complex chatbot ‘Stories’ on a single screen, and that gives you more control over the building process.

Visual aspects are not the only changes. Apart from the previously available features, the new builder comes with an AB testing tool that lets you split users into different flows. It helps you to verify which of the flows is performing the best and lets you improve your bot performance quicker.

The new ChatBot Visual Builder is in the beta phase right now. We’re still working on making it more intuitive, feature-rich, and helpful for your business. But for that to happen, we need your feedback. If you want to become an early adopter and get a chance to try out the new features before everyone else, sign up for our beta tests using this dedicated page. Help us identify bugs, and tell us what else we could improve to make the new Visual Builder work for you.

Have questions about our Visual Builder beta tests? Write to us at support@chatbot.com.