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Daria Zabój

Daria Zabój

ChatBot Blog Editor

About me


I’m Daria and I’m a product content designer at ChatBot. I’m passionate about UX, conversation design, and most of all, I’m a huge fan of user-friendly chatbots. I’ve created a couple of them already and I find sheer pleasure in sharing my knowledge, and completely subjective insights, with others.

If you have any questions about chatbots and customer service automation, reach out to me via LinkedIn

Meanwhile, have a good read! 

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All You Need to Know to Use Chatbots in Business. Complete Guide

Since 2016, when Facebook opened Messenger for bots, brands have widely adopted them. Everybody is now talking about them and their value to businesses. But what exactly are chatbots, and why have they become so important? In this chatbot guide, you’ll find answers to these... read more

14 minutes
Aug 31, 2022

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