Webhooks in ChatBot

Kacper Wiacek Product Expert Lead
Kacper Wiacek
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updated: Apr 13, 2023

Learn how to use webhooks in ChatBot to extend your bot’s potential and pass information to external services.

What are webhooks?Link icon

Webhooks, also known as web callbacks or HTTP push APIs, are increasingly popular API concepts that provide a lightweight and speedy way to exchange data between applications. With webhooks, you can quickly pass and retrieve information from a matched interaction to your web service, enabling immediate communication and data transfer.

ChatBot webhooks make it simple to get Bot Responses or Attributes from your external service and display them in the chat in real time.

You can also use webhooks to collect data from active chats and pass it to your database. This feature allows you to connect the conversation with the information you have stored on your backend and provide a bot message or attribute based on that information.

Webhooks in ChatBotLink icon

With webhooks, you can make your chatbot more dynamic and customize it for each user. Here are some of the most popular use cases for webhooks:

  • Checking if the visitor is an existing customer.

  • Providing special bot responses for VIP customers, such as routing them to agents reserved for VIPs only.

  • Giving account information to users, like account balances, contact details, and subscription statuses.

  • Enabling the activation of customer accounts through the chatbot.

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can use webhooks to improve your chatbot.Β 

How to set up your first webhookLink icon

To set up your first webhook in ChatBot, follow the steps from this article.

Advanced usage of webhooks in ChatBotLink icon

For more technical information regarding webhooks usage, visit our documentation page.

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