What are Attributes
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Attributes allow to assign information to users or ongoing chats and pass them to web services. Use them to personalize conversations by adjusting each reply to the user.

Quick Overview

  • There are two types of attributes: user attributes defined and ready to use default attributes.
  • User attributes are related to user entities and system entities.
  • You can assign custom attributes at any step of the scenario using set attributes action.
  • Use ask question action to validate user input and get attributes.
  • You can use maximum 99 attributes in one interaction

Using attributes in responses

Attributes can be added to all bot responses, including titles and buttons. To select attribute type double curly brackets. Now you should see the following window:

Types of Attributes

Default Attributes automatically collect information regarding users, such as name, surname, avatar, gender, type of integration or source from which the conversation started. Default attributes can be used only for chatbot responses.

User Attributes are predefined by users. They can be captured with entities or manually set with the set attributes action.

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