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ChatBot gives you a lot of control over the conversation flow. You can choose from many available responses and actions to give your bot knowledge and personality and to navigate through the scenario.

When the user input matches User Says, the interaction is triggered what means that the bot replies to the query. The bot can respond with a simple text, an image, cards and many more. You can mix and match all possible interactions. To modify the order in your bot response, just drag up or down.

How to use bot responses

  • you can use maximum 20 bot responses and actions in one interaction
  • mix different responses and actions within an interaction
  • the bot displays responses in the same order you composed them
  • drag and drop responses to change their order
  • apply filters to bot responses to trigger them only when a condition is met
  • decide the time when responses and actions occur using the delay
  • choose a button type and actions when using card, cards, button or quick replies
  • delay sending messages using the scrollbar

You cannot use more than one Reset, Quick replies and Transfer responses in one interaction.

Available bot responses

It’s highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the compatibility table before deploying your chatbot as some of the bot responses and actions may not be supported by the integration you’ve chosen.

You can change the order of your bot responses any time you need. Just drag and drop the element and leave it when you want.



Bot responses designed for LiveChat

Bot responses designed for Chat Widget

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