The 7 Best Tidio Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

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Jan 2, 2024
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While Tidio provides live chat and chatbot services for customer support, some clients have pointed out several drawbacks.

Firstly, Tidio needs a knowledge base feature, and user feedback indicates that the widgets' customization options are limited, affecting the platform's adaptability.

Some users have raised concerns about the apparent stagnation in the tool's development. One user review on G2 expressed dissatisfaction with the infrequent updates and suggested uncertainty about the tool's direction. Adding email marketing, perceived as more of an unnecessary feature than a useful one, reinforced this sentiment.

So, let's explore some of the best tools that are alternatives to Tidio to find more comprehensive options.

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Best Tidio Alternatives in 2024

Here is the list of the best Tidio alternatives in 2024:

ChatBot – AI-driven chatbot connected to the Text ecosystem

ChatBot is an AI-driven platform that is revolutionizing customer interactions across industries. It seamlessly integrates with popular sales and customer service tools to offer an intuitive interface for marketers, sales teams, and customer support agents.

This innovative solution delivers prompt and accurate AI-generated responses, ensuring that customers receive real-time information and enhancing their experience with brands. ChatBot provides various templates for different purposes, such as real estate, lead generation, or discount offers. 

What sets ChatBot apart is its straightforward setup process, which makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes without requiring coding expertise.

Moreover, ChatBot's 24/7 support feature ensures that customers can always reach out for assistance, thus improving customer service. As an additional benefit, ChatBot's commitment to data security is evident through its avoidance of third-party providers, resulting in reliable and secure management of interactions.

ChatBot offers a free 14-day trial to help businesses collect contact data and build stronger customer relationships.



  1. AI-driven precision: ChatBot provides accurate real-time responses to customer queries, improving their experience with the brand.
  2. 24/7 support capability: ChatBot provides round-the-clock support, ensuring constant customer accessibility and improving overall customer service and satisfaction.
  3. Data security and independence: It operates autonomously and ensures robust data security, guaranteeing safe management of interactions and customer data on the platform.
  4. Personalization and contact data collection: Businesses can use ChatBot to personalize interactions, collect contact data, and establish stronger connections with their audience.
  5. Integration with the Text ecosystem: ChatBot is part of the Text ecosystem and can be easily integrated with LiveChat, KnowledgeBase, and HelpDesk.


  1. Limitations in AI scope: AI can solve many cases, but there are still situations where it requires human expertise or understanding to find the best solution for a customer.
  2. Trial limitations: While offering a free trial, some advanced features may not be fully accessible, limiting comprehensive testing before implementation.

Help Scout

Help Scout is a platform that enables businesses to manage customer queries efficiently by integrating live chat, knowledge base, and workflow automation tools.



  1. Live chat feature: The live chat functionality includes standard options such as canned responses, tags, private notes, and targeted messages based on visitor data.
  2. Customizable knowledge base: Help Scout's feature offers SEO optimization and the ability to create multiple knowledge bases for different products, all manageable from a single login.


  1. Limited mailboxes and help pages: The starting price is $25/month per seat and includes two mailboxes and one help page. Additional mailboxes and help pages are available at an extra cost.
  2. Learning curve: Due to their conditional rule-based nature, some users might require time and effort to implement and utilize workflows properly.


JivoChat is a customer communication tool that simplifies the process by consolidating various channels like website, live chat, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), email, phone, Apple Business Chat, and more into a single platform.

Its sophisticated chatbot and live chat system are designed to improve customer satisfaction across multiple channels.


  1. “Callback” feature: The platform has a "Callback" feature that lets visitors request an agent call at a specified time by providing their phone number. This enhances convenience and accessibility for customers needing immediate assistance.
  2. Encrypted team chats: All are securely encrypted and stored in cloud servers for confidential internal communications.


  1. Limited customer support availability: The customer support provided by JivoChat may not be available around the clock, which could result in wait times of up to 24 hours for replies. As a result, timely issue resolution could be impacted.
  2. Outdated ticketing system: The JivoChat ticketing system needs advanced features such as load-based or round-robin assignments, which could hinder the efficient management and distribution of customer inquiries.


Olark offers a live chat solution with customizable features, automated messaging, and reporting functionalities, making it an accessible option for businesses seeking straightforward customer engagement tools.

While lacking extensive brand customization options, Olark's integration capabilities with platforms like HubSpot, Zendesk, and Salesforce.



  1. Integration and additional features: Olark offers standard and optional paid PowerUps, such as visitor co-browsing, insights, and chat translation. It also integrates with social profiles and company websites to provide valuable customer data.
  2. Flexible pricing: Olark's pricing starts at $29/month per seat, with no visitor limits. Add-ons for features like chat translation and visitor co-browsing are available at extra cost.


  1. Limited brand customization: Olark's lack of specific brand customization options, such as changing widget wallpapers or uploading company logos, can limit the seamless integration of the chat widget with a brand's look and feel.
  2. Chatbot Functionality Restrictions: The chatbot function is limited to Pro plan users, which may restrict access to automated responses and features for lower-tier plans.


Zendesk is a well-known SaaS company that provides customer support software solutions. It offers a range of features and integrations that make it a leading player in the customer service industry.

The strength of Zendesk lies in its comprehensive feature set, a wide range of app integrations, and its ability to cater to different industries.



  1. Live chat: Zendesk's live chat tool is top-notch, offering behavioral triggers, visitor tracking, chat ratings, and file sharing for real-time customer support.
  2. Robust FAQ building: The platform has a FAQ builder that compiles common questions and relevant information. It provides quick and accurate responses to customer queries, especially in ecommerce settings.


  1. Generic nature: Although Zendesk is versatile, it may not provide the specialized customer support features ecommerce brands require.
  2. Costly pricing: The pricing of Zendesk, notably its Support Suite Professional plan at $89/month/user, can be considered high for businesses, especially smaller ones.
  3. Limited collaboration features: Zendesk's collaboration features may need to be more advanced for some users, hindering team conversations and impacting overall efficiency.

Crisp Chat

Crisp is a live chat software with an integrated knowledge base. It allows sharing files, videos, and GIFs within the chat interface.

The software's real-time chat translation feature facilitates multilingual conversations. Including a chatbot empowers businesses to automate responses and handle a substantial volume of user inquiries efficiently.



  1. Integrated knowledge base: Crisp's live chat widget includes an integrated knowledge base, improving user experience by providing relevant information to customers seamlessly.
  2. Real-time chat translation: Crisp's real-time chat translation helps businesses communicate better with diverse customers. Agents can reply in their language, automatically translated into the customer's native language.


  1. Limited features in the free plan: The free plan limits users to essential features and only two operators, which may become restrictive as their business grows and requires more extensive functionalities.
  2. Cost for advanced features: Although the basic features are reasonably priced, unlocking more advanced capabilities, such as a knowledge base and chatbot with unlimited seats, costs $95/month, which may only be affordable for some businesses.


Gorgias is a customer service software designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. It works with major platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

The software aims to simplify customer and support team operations by integrating seamlessly with these platforms and keeping customer data centralized within its dashboard.



  1. Deep Shopify integration: Gorgias integrates with Shopify, allowing users to access and modify customer data directly from the Gorgias dashboard. This integration streamlines tasks such as order modification, refunds, and management.
  2. Custom tags and channel integrations: Gorgias allows custom tags to organize conversations. It integrates with email, Facebook, Instagram, and more for unified customer query management.


  1. High cost: Gorgias' pricing could be a limiting factor for many businesses. The plan encompassing all features is priced at $750/month, which might be prohibitive for smaller or growing ecommerce ventures.
  2. Ticketing system perception: Some users feel Gorgias is more like a ticketing system than a conversational tool, which may reduce its appeal to businesses that value personalized customer interactions.

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What Tidio chat alternative should you choose?

When considering alternatives to Tidio chat, it is essential to balance comprehensive features, ease of use, and impactful customer interactions.

In this regard, ChatBot is the best Tidio alternative due to its robust AI capabilities, seamless integration with various tools, and commitment to enhancing customer experiences.

ChatBot is an exceptional option for various reasons. Its AI technology provides precise and timely responses to customer inquiries, resulting in real-time information and increased customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the platform can seamlessly integrate with popular sales and other customer service software tools (like Zapier), making it a versatile solution catering to businesses of all sizes. The simple setup process is user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone without extensive coding expertise.

You can try ChatBot for free right now.