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Join the Academy and become a chatbot expert

dariusz zabrzenski


The Academy brings a new and efficient way to master chatbots: no more hours spent on reading docs and following tedious instructions.

Learning new applications is like moving to a new city. First days, you entirely rely on maps, browse the internet to know the right places and meet people to form own path. After some time you manage to have your favorite coffee house, lunch bar, and first friends. A year after you know shortcuts and, hidden venues and events that only locals know about. Gaining confidence in a new place always requires time, bids and disappointments.

But there is one crucial difference between mastering new applications and moving into new places — you might change the place only a couple of times in your life but learning several different apps, and that second venture is never that exciting.

We don’t want you to spend your precious time studying our docs and following long tutorials. Instead, we have prepared a new space — the Academy, that will guide you through quick solutions to become a ChatBot expert. We have complete lessons that show in a few minutes all shortcuts, best practice and greatest advice to build a complete chatbot that needs only your personal touch.

Available lessons:

  • Lead Generation bot — The lead generation bot will boost both the quantity and quality of your leads by auto-qualifying them 247 and sending collected data to your backend for further evaluation.
  • Welcome bot (for LiveChat)— Create a bot that takes all incoming chats, serves all simple cases and leaves the difficult ones to your customer service team.
  • After Hours Bot — Get yourself some slack and leave a chatbot on the watch.
  • Competition Bot — Engage your audience in a short competition that gives them a chance to know your brand and you, to know better your customers.
  • Appointment Bot — Do you run a business that requires appointment bookings? Get yourself an assistant that handles all of the booking processes and sends collected details to your backend.
  • Survey Bot — Don’t drop the communication with your customers when the deal is done. Add an engaging bot to your website that asks for users feedback and saves all collected data to get to know your customers’ opinion and get their email addresses.
  • Multilingual Bot - Your customers are having trouble speaking a language that they don’t know? Work this out by making a multilingual bot!

Getting Started

In the new Academy section, you can find various lessons that will guide you through the complete process of building a bot. Follow any of them to create a ready to use chatbot story waiting to integrate with your favorite services.

Each lesson covers a different bot scenario and emphasizes another part of the building process. Achieve goals to stay motivated and become a real chatbot master!

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